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Now Serving Peking Duck And Beijing Dim Sum

旧金山中菜馆 北京烤鴨,宮廷點心

Z & Y Peking Duck is an authentic Chinese Food Restaurant located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, California. Our executive chef, Chef Han, has been cooking since 1988 and has had the privilege of serving his cuisine to Chinese Presidents and Foreign Ministers. If you’re looking for delicious, authentic Chinese food, then come visit us today!


Z & Y Peking Duck

Since our 2012 opening, Z & Y Peking Duck become known for some of the best Chinese food in San Francisco. Just see what other reliable sources are saying about us online! You can read SF Gate‘s online review by clicking here or Unterman on Food‘s review here, and a recent feature by the San Francisco Chronicle here.


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Exquisite Chinese Cuisine From A World -Renowned Chef

Do you want to try the food Chinese presidents like? Try our signature dishes! You won’t be surprised to see that every table has ordered them.

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606 Jackson Street, San Francisco