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10 Must-Visit Attractions in San Francisco: From Golden Gate to Z & Y’s Famous Peking Duck

Unveiling San Francisco’s Gems: Must-See Sights and a Taste of Tradition

San Francisco, a city that tantalizes your senses with its iconic landmarks, vibrant neighborhoods, and diverse culinary scene, offers experiences that stay with you long after your visit. Here, we unveil the top 10 must-see places that capture the essence of this incredible city:

golden gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge:

A true symbol of San Francisco, this majestic suspension bridge is a sight to behold. Walk or bike across it to appreciate its engineering marvel, or take a ferry for breathtaking panoramas of the city skyline.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island:

Immerse yourself in history at Alcatraz Island, a former federal prison. Explore the cellhouse, learn about the notorious inmates who once resided here, and soak in the stunning views of the bay.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf:

Bustling with energy, Fisherman’s Wharf is a feast for the senses. Savor fresh Dungeness crab, watch the playful sea lions at Pier 39, or stroll along the lively harbor.

golden gate park

Golden Gate Park:

Escape the urban buzz and unwind in the sprawling Golden Gate Park. Explore its gardens, museums like the California Academy of Sciences, or find serenity in the serene Japanese Tea Garden.

Cable Cars

Cable Cars:

Experience San Francisco in a unique way – ride a historic cable car! Climb aboard and enjoy a thrilling ride up the city’s steep hills, taking in iconic landmarks along the way. The Powell-Hyde line offers particularly stunning views.

Lombard Street:

Nicknamed “the crookedest street in the world,” Lombard Street is a must-see for its switchbacks adorned with beautiful flower beds. Capture Instagram-worthy photos or simply marvel at this unique engineering feat.

Union Square:

Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture at Union Square. Explore a plethora of shops, from luxury boutiques to iconic department stores, or relax at a charming cafe and soak up the atmosphere.

Coit Tower

Coit Tower:

Atop Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower offers panoramic vistas of the city and the bay. Explore the murals inside depicting scenes of California life, painted during the 1930s.

The Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies:

Picture this – a row of Victorian houses painted in pastel colors, with the San Francisco skyline as a backdrop. Head to Alamo Square to capture this iconic image, especially at sunset.



Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of San Francisco’s Chinatown, the oldest and largest Chinatown in North America. Explore bustling markets, ornate temples, and delectable restaurants offering authentic Chinese cuisine.

Peking Duck in Chinatown

A Culinary Adventure Awaits: Peking Duck Perfection at Z & Y Peking Duck

Nestled in the heart of Chinatown lies Z & Y Peking Duck, a haven for those seeking a taste of culinary tradition. Here, we elevate the Peking Duck experience to an art form. Our award-winning Executive Chef, Lijun Han, brings years of expertise honed throughout his illustrious career. Chef Han’s passion for bringing authentic flavors to life is evident in every dish, particularly in our Peking Duck.

Why is Z & Y Peking Duck a must-try?

A Multi-Course Culinary Journey: Forget the ordinary Peking Duck experience. At Z & Y Peking Duck, we elevate this iconic dish to an art form, presented in a captivating three-course symphony of flavors.

  • The First Course: A Celebration of the Skin: Thin, crisp slices of the duck’s skin, the star of this course, arrive at your table. Explore its pure flavor or personalize your experience with a variety of condiments, including our house-made hoisin sauce, scallions, chili sauce, or sweet bean paste.
  • The Second Course: Savoring the Succulent Meat: Thinly sliced, melt-in-your-mouth duck meat takes center stage in the second course. Wrapped in delicate pancakes with julienned scallions and dipping sauces, you can create your own personalized flavor combinations in every bite.
  • The Third Course: A Comforting Finale: Our three-course Peking Duck experience concludes with a comforting choice – duck noodle soup or flavorful fried rice. Both options utilize the remaining duck meat and aromatics, ensuring a satisfying and delicious finish.

Beyond the Technique: While our meticulous preparation process, involving air-drying, wood-firing, and expert carving, is a testament to our dedication to authenticity, it’s the multi-course presentation that truly sets us apart. It’s a culinary journey that allows you to savor every aspect of this revered dish.

Peking duck
Photo credit: The San Francisco Standard

Beyond Peking Duck: A World of Delights

Our delectable dim sum menu offers a delightful exploration of Northern Chinese cuisine. From dumplings filled with savory fillings to crispy spring rolls bursting with vibrant vegetables, each bite is an explosion of flavor and texture. Additionally, our menu features an array of noodle dishes, stir-fries, and vegetable specialties, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Experience the Warmth of Z & Y Peking Duck

At Z & Y Peking Duck, we believe in the power of food to connect people and create lasting memories. Our welcoming atmosphere and attentive service aim to make

you feel right at home. Whether you’re a Peking Duck aficionado or simply seeking a delicious and unique dining experience, we invite you to join us.


Experience Peking Duck Perfection, But Act Fast!

Experience Peking Duck Perfection, a Legacy of Culinary Excellence

Planning your San Francisco itinerary? Don’t forget to factor in a visit to Z & Y Peking Duck! Here’s how to make your experience seamless:

  • A Taste of History: Led by award-winning Executive Chef Lijun Han, Z & Y Peking Duck is credited with bringing the first authentic Peking Duck experience to San Francisco. Chef Han’s passion for culinary artistry extends beyond Peking Duck, as evidenced by his accolades and multiple awards for his unique take on Szechuan classics, including a Michelin Bib Gourmand and ZAGAT rating.
  • Limited Availability, Exceptional Flavor: Our Peking Duck is a revered specialty, prepared using a meticulous 48-hour process to achieve unrivaled taste and texture. Due to this careful preparation, we only offer 25 ducks daily on weekdays and 40 on weekends. To savor this culinary masterpiece, reservations are highly recommended.
  • Reserve Your Table: Call us at (415) 986-1899 or visit our website to secure your spot. We recommend booking in advance, especially for weekends and evenings, to avoid disappointment.
  • Convenient Location: Located in the heart of Chinatown, we’re easily accessible by public transportation or car. We offer both indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Chinatown.
  • Unforgettable Experience: At Z & Y Peking Duck, we promise an unforgettable culinary adventure. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be transported to the heart of Beijing with our authentic flavors, impeccable service, and warm hospitality.

So, as you explore the captivating sights of San Francisco, don’t miss the chance to savor the taste of tradition at Z & Y Peking Duck. We look forward to welcoming you and making your San Francisco experience truly unforgettable.

Chinese restaurant

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