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Celebrate in Style: Unleash the Magic of Private Parties at Z & Y Peking Duck

Planning a special occasion? Craving an unforgettable culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary? Look no further than Z & Y Peking Duck, the newest gem in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Nestled within the vibrant heart of the neighborhood, Z & Y Peking Duck offers a unique and elegant setting for your private party, promising an evening of exquisite flavors and unforgettable memories.

Step into a World of Modern Elegance:

The moment you enter Z & Y Peking Duck, a sense of contemporary sophistication washes over you. Each corner whispers of understated elegance, where clean lines and modern design seamlessly blend with the rich heritage of Chinatown. Here, aesthetic and taste go hand-in-hand, creating an ambiance that’s both inviting and sophisticated.

A Culinary Journey Led by a Master Chef:

But the true magic of Z & Y Peking Duck lies in its cuisine. Helmed by the renowned Chef Lijun Han, the mastermind behind the Michelin Bib Gourmand-winning Z & Y Restaurant, Z & Y Peking Duck offers a deeply personal culinary experience. Chef Han, born and raised in Beijing, brings the heart and soul of his hometown to your table.

A Celebration of Beijing Delights:

Imagine indulging in dishes that reflect Chef Han’s lifelong passion for Beijing cuisine. From his illustrious career serving presidents to his time mastering the art of Peking Duck at the Chinese Consulate-General, Chef Han’s culinary journey culminates in this exquisite menu.

Peking Duck in Chinatown

The Star of the Show: Peking Duck Perfected

The pièce de résistance? Z & Y Peking Duck’s signature Peking Duck. Chef Han has spent years perfecting this iconic dish, meticulously selecting ducks with the ideal fat-to-meat ratio and honing the art of carving – a skill that takes years to master. Each bite is a testament to his dedication and passion, offering a taste of Beijing’s culinary heritage right here in San Francisco.

Beyond the Duck: A Feast for the Senses

But Z & Y Peking Duck is more than just Peking Duck. The menu boasts a delectable array of Beijing specialties, each dish bursting with authentic flavors and textures. From savory dumplings to vibrant stir-fries, every bite is a celebration of Chef Han’s culinary heritage.

Chinese food

Host a Private Party to Remember:

Imagine gathering your loved ones for a truly special occasion, surrounded by contemporary elegance and indulging in a culinary journey led by a master chef. Z & Y Peking Duck’s private party room provides the perfect setting for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate gatherings, or any occasion that deserves an extraordinary touch.

San Francisco

Unleash the magic of Z & Y Peking Duck.

Contact them today to discuss your Chinatown private party needs and embark on a culinary adventure that will leave you and your guests wanting more.

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