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Chinese New Year San Francisco 2024

Enjoy Dungeness Crab to Celebrate Chinese New Year on 2/10 and Super Bowl on 2/11

Dungeness crab, a prized delicacy known for its sweet, tender flesh, is a perfect centerpiece for celebrations. As we approach the Chinese New Year on February 10th and the Super Bowl on February 11th, it’s the ideal time to indulge in this culinary delight. This article explores the significance of Dungeness crab in both Chinese New Year and Super Bowl festivities, offering insights into traditional dishes, preparation tips, and where to enjoy the best Dungeness crab in San Francisco, particularly at Z & Y Peking Duck.

The Cultural Significance of Dungeness Crab

Historical Background

Dungeness crab has a rich history in North America, especially on the West Coast, where it has been a staple in local diets for centuries. Its name originates from the Dungeness Spit in Washington state, highlighting its deep roots in the region’s culinary traditions.

Dungeness Crab in Chinese Cuisine

In Chinese culture, seafood is often synonymous with prosperity and good luck, making Dungeness crab a favored choice for festive occasions like the Chinese New Year. Its succulent meat and luxurious texture add a touch of elegance to the holiday table.

Dungeness Crab and American Celebrations

Similarly, in American celebrations, particularly the Super Bowl, Dungeness crab serves as a versatile and upscale food option that elevates the dining experience, whether in luxurious spreads or casual snacks.

Chinese new year 2024, year of the dragon
Chinese new year 2024, year of the dragon

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Dungeness Crab

Traditional Dishes

During Chinese New Year, dishes like steamed Dungeness crab with garlic sauce or crab dumplings symbolize wealth and prosperity. These traditional recipes not only pay homage to cultural heritage but also provide a feast for the senses.

Dungeness Crab Recipes for Chinese New Year

Incorporating Dungeness crab into your celebration can range from elaborate dishes like crab with ginger and scallion to simpler, yet equally delectable, options such as crab salad with Asian-inspired dressings.

Pairing with Other Traditional Foods

Dungeness crab pairs beautifully with other Chinese New Year staples, such as noodles for longevity and dumplings for wealth, creating a harmonious and festive meal.

super bowl party
Delicious charcuterie board and veggie with dipping for Super Bowl football game.

Dungeness Crab for Super Bowl Festivities

Party Favorites

For the Super Bowl, Dungeness crab can be transformed into crowd-pleasing dishes like crab dip, crab cakes, or even a crab boil, offering a touch of sophistication to game day festivities.

Easy-to-Prepare Dungeness Crab Snacks

Quick and easy recipes, such as crab-stuffed mushrooms or crab sliders, allow hosts to enjoy the game without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Incorporating Dungeness Crab in a Super Bowl Menu

A well-planned Super Bowl menu featuring Dungeness crab can cater to all tastes, from hearty crab chowders to light and refreshing crab salads, ensuring that every guest finds something to savor.

Dungeness Crab
Fresh crabs in seafood restaurants at Fishermen wharf in San Francisco, California, USA

Sustainable Sourcing of Dungeness Crab

Importance of Sustainability

Dungeness Crab Season Delayed: Understanding the Reasons

On Thursday, December 7, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced a third delay to the start of the 2023-2024 commercial crabbing season meaning diners will have to wait until at least the new year for the local delicacy. 


The postponement of the Dungeness crab season was due to the presence of humpback whales and endangered Pacific leatherback sea turtles off the coast, which are at risk of becoming entangled in fishing gear. Notably, there was at least one incident of a sea turtle getting entangled in gear lost from a previous Dungeness crab fishing season. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) plans to conduct another risk assessment on December 21 to evaluate the situation further.

After the wait, the season has finally opened, aligning perfectly with significant cultural and sporting events: the Chinese New Year and the Super Bowl. This timing is serendipitous, as Dungeness crab is a celebrated delicacy in both Chinese New Year feasts and Super Bowl parties. The Chinese New Year, a festival that marks the beginning of the lunar new year, is rich with traditions and foods symbolizing good luck and prosperity. Dungeness crab, with its succulent meat and status as a luxury seafood, fits perfectly into this context, adding a touch of elegance and festivity to the celebrations.

Where to Enjoy Dungeness Crab in San Francisco

Z and Y Peking Duck

Z and Y Peking Duck Overview

Z & Y Peking Duck, a renowned Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, is celebrated for its authentic dishes and, particularly, its exquisite Dungeness crab offerings.

Special Dungeness Crab Dishes at Z & Y Peking Duck

Crab and Pork Xiao Long Bao in San Francisco

For the Chinese New Year and Super Bowl, Z & Y Peking Duck presents special Dungeness crab dishes that blend traditional flavors with innovative culinary techniques, making it a must-visit destination.

The Crab and Pork Xiao Long Bao has emerged as a standout dish for Chinese New Year celebrations at Z & Y Peking Duck, a restaurant renowned for its authentic Chinese cuisine. This delicacy, combining the succulence of crab with the hearty flavor of pork encased in a delicate dumpling wrapper, captures the essence of festive dining. Patrons of Z & Y Peking Duck look forward to this seasonal specialty, which perfectly embodies the spirit of renewal and prosperity associated with the Lunar New Year. The restaurant’s commitment to traditional techniques and quality ingredients ensures that each bite of the Crab and Pork Xiao Long Bao offers a taste of Chinese culinary excellence, making it a sought-after treat during the holiday season in San Francisco.

At Z & Y Peking Duck, our menu features an exquisite selection of crab dishes, each prepared with distinct flavors and styles to tantalize your taste buds. Delight in our Typhoon Shelter Style Crab, a homage to the famous Hong Kong culinary tradition, or savor the bold and fiery Chengdu Spicy King Crab, inspired by the rich spices of Sichuan cuisine. For those who prefer a classic touch, our Salt & Pepper Crab offers a crispy and flavorful experience, while the Green Onion with Ginger Crab provides a refreshing and aromatic option. Join us to explore these delectable crab creations, each crafted to elevate your dining experience.

Why Choose Z & Y Peking Duck for Your Celebrations

Choosing Z & Y Peking Duck for your celebrations not only guarantees a memorable dining experience but also supports a local business that values sustainability and culinary excellence.

Celebrating Chinese New Year and the Super Bowl with Dungeness crab is a delightful tradition that honors both cultural heritage and culinary innovation. Whether you’re preparing it at home or enjoying it at Z & Y Peking Duck in San Francisco, Dungeness crab adds a touch of luxury and joy to any celebration. Join us in embracing this delicious tradition, and make your festivities truly unforgettable.

For anyone eager to explore the rich flavors of Chinese cuisine in San Francisco, Z & Y Peking Duck offers an unparalleled dining experience. Whether you’re gathering with family, enjoying a relaxed meal, or celebrating a special event, we promise an unforgettable culinary journey. Dive into our diverse offerings by taking a look at our Chinese restaurant menu, where each dish tells a story of tradition and innovation. We invite you to discover the culinary delights that await you at Z & Y Peking Duck.

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